The Heap


aluminuptials.jpgWhile some couples planning their wedding seem determined to put themselves in debt, a couple in Spokane, Wash. is attempting to pay for their ceremony by recycling aluminum cans. Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer have set a goal of collecting 400,000 cans, or 5 tons of aluminum, worth roughly $3,800. At one point, the couple had 18,000 cans filling their living room.

Parrish and Geyer set up a Web site,, to solicit cans and to track their progress. As of the time of this writing, the site shows the couple at 82 percent of their goal (helped, no doubt, by a flurry of press coverage last month), making it highly likely they will reach 400,000 in time for their July wedding date. At the end of January, they announced that they would continue to collect cans beyond their initial goal, donating the resulting proceeds to charity.

They’ll probably also want to set a few aside for the best man to tie to their car’s bumper.

Source: NPR